Jungheinrich ETV 318/320/325/ETM 325

Reach mast technology saves space.


Basic characteristics

  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • Sensitive operation
  • Generously designed operator workplace
  • Perfect adaptability


Compact design, high performance figures, innovative technology and optimum ergonomic working conditions, these are the strengths of Jungheinrich reach trucks. Whether they are being used in pallet, drive-through or drive-in racking. Whether for extremely narrow areas or low clearances. Whether for single shift or multishift operation: The Series 3 reach trucks offer the perfect solution for every application.


The main advantages of this series are:

  • Space saving with narrow aisle widths from 2790 mm.
  • Residual capacities of 1000 kg to 13 m lift height.
  • Greater throughput while simultaneously reducing energy consumption. This is achieved due to the very latest drive and control technology.


Advanced ergonomics and technology promote productivity:

  • Generously dimensioned cab and outstanding visibility both during travel and when stacking pallets.
  • Automotive layout of the pedals.
  • Automatic speed reduction when cornering with curveCONTROL.
  • 180° and 360° steering: Operator can chose between minimum turning radius and fast change in travel direction. When travelling straight ahead, the steering wheel spinner knob is always positioned at the ergonomically ideal 9 o’clock position.
  • soloPILOT control lever: sensitive stacking even at high lift heights.


The right configuration for your needs: An extensive catalogue of options with a wide variety of assistance systems and battery versions, from 560 to 930 Ah ensures the truck can be adapted to suit any application.


  • High-performance mast
  • soloPILOT control lever
  • Assistance systems and options
  • Lithium-ion technology
  • Ergonomic cockpit
  • Easy-to-read operator display
  • Option packages for different operating conditions


High-performance mast
Our masts ensure maximum safety and effective utilisation of warehouse capacity at extreme heights

  • Triplex masts with lifting heights up to 13,000 mm
  • Excellent visibility of the load
  • Low clearances at high lift heights
  • High residual capacities even at extreme lift heights
  • Optional mast reach cushioning


Ergonomic cockpit

  • Maximum performance due to the comfortable operator seat
  • Fabric seat with adjustment options for seating position, backrest and body weight
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Important controls within easy reach
  • Generous space, even for tall operators
  • Electric steering (choose 180° or 360° mode). When driving in a straight line, the steering wheel spinner knob is always at the optimum ergonomic position
  • Automotive layout of the pedals
  • Optional panorama overhead guard provides a clear view of the raised load


soloPILOT control lever

  • The control lever for activating all hydraulic functions, also selects the direction of travel and the horn
  • All controls are within the operator’s field of vision and a single function is clearly assigned to each one
  • Travel direction switch, features intuitive direction change
  • Sensitive control of all functions for operating accuracy within millimetres
  • Additional attachments, such as an optional fork positioner are also optimally controlled with the soloPILOT
  • multiPILOT available as an option


Easy-to-read operator display
The most important operating data at a glance:

  • Display of direction of travel and wheel position
  • Battery status, with display of time remaining until the next charge required
  • 3 adjustable travel programs for individual adjustment to any requirements
  • Operating hours and time of day
  • Lift height (optional)
  • Load weight (optional)
  • EasyAccess – Keyless access system via softkey, PIN code or optional transponder card


Assistance systems and options
For more power and full load stability:

  • operationCONTROL continuously measures the load weight and compares it with the residual capacity of the truck. An optical warning on the operator display as well as an acoustic warning are triggered when approaching the limit value
  • positionCONTROL with SNAP function enables simple and fast stacking without additional pressing of buttons
  • liftNAVIGATION transfers stacking orders automatically from the warehouse management system. This prevents stacking errors
  • The anti-slip system ensures more traction on wet or dusty floors
  • Fork camera and ergonomically adjustable motor enable especially safe and efficient stacking and retrieval


Option packages for different operating conditions

  • ‘Efficiency’ for long operating times with one battery
  • ‘drivePLUS’ for frequent journeys over long distances
  • ‘liftPLUS’ for extensive lifting to high lift heights
  • Holder for radio data terminal, writing board or video monitor, for example


Lithium-ion technology

  • High degree of availability thanks to extremely short charging times
  • No battery exchange required
  • Cost savings due to longer service life and low maintenance compared with lead-acid batteries
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build up of gas
  • Longer service life with 5-year Jungheinrich guarantee
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