Jungheinrich EKX 410

Up to two shifts without changing the battery due to energy recovery and effective energy management.


Basic characteristics

  • Modules for process integration: RFID technology, multiple height and weight checks, Logistics Interface
  • Highly flexible model with modular construction and integrated RFID positioning technology
  • Up to 25 percent greater performance due to warehouse navigation with semi-automatic approach (optional)
  • Ergonomic workstation with electrically adjustable control panel


The EKX 410 high rack stacker ensures a high degree of efficiency in the narrow aisle warehouse. It sets new standards in terms of flexibility, economic efficiency and ergonomics.

Flexibility through modular construction: The Jungheinrich modular system has more than 5 million possible configurations providing flexibility from the outset. The advantage is adaptability to any warehousing and logistics strategy. Intelligent truck management with our in-house electronic controller, and CAN bus system offers options for a wide range of requirements with a large number of additional safety features available.

Excellent performance and energy efficiency: The important factors for fast throughput and outstanding cost efficiency. This is precisely what is offered by the Jungheinrich 3-phase AC technology with higher performance data and greater dynamics, matched by improved energy utilisation. The advantage: Fully usable throughout two shifts in normal operation without battery change.

This high efficiency is available to the EKX operator with effortless ease. The cab offers a generously sized workplace with outstanding vision. The central point is the electrically adjustable control panel:

  • Information transmitted via colour display. Important operating data is displayed rapidly and clearly in icon form
  • Soft keys to control functions and menus
  • Travel and hydraulics control via thumb operation
  • Two-handed operation for high safety and operating comfort. Sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information on to the on-board computer



  • Pioneering 3-phase AC technology
  • Economic energy management
  • Jungheinrich warehouse navigation system (optional)
  • Commissioning and maintenance
  • Additional equipment
  • Control and CAN-Bus system
  • RFID ground control (optional)
  • Ergonomic benefits and comfort
  • Reliable operation – high availability
  • Integrated Jungheinrich personnel protection system (PPS)


Pioneering 3-phase AC technology
There are now more than 150,000 Jungheinrich trucks with 3-phase AC technology in use worldwide. This expertise is reflected in our current drive and control generation:

  • High throughput levels
  • Low energy consumption


Control and CAN-Bus system

  • All movements can be parameterised


Economic energy management

  • Double energy-saving benefits through regenerative braking and lowering
  • Longer operating times on a single battery charge (up to 2 shifts)
  • Active energy and battery management
  • Longer battery service life
  • 930 Ah battery (optional)
  • Shorter charge times
  • Battery rollers for quick battery changing


RFID ground control (optional)

  • Truck control using transponder technology
  • Continuous measurement of travel distance for precise ID of all warehouse areas
  • High degree of flexibility in terms of switching functions (end of aisle safety control, lift/travel cutouts, speed reductions)
  • Drive speeds optimised according to floor topology


Jungheinrich warehouse navigation system (optional)

  • Linking the ETX to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) using a radio data terminal or scanner
  • Direct transfer of the destination in the narrow aisle via the truck computer
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal positioning in stacking or order picking modes
  • Effective dual cycling
  • RFID location detection prevents trucks reaching incorrect destinations
  • High level of flexibility in the warehouse with adaptation to existing WMS
  • Throughput improved by up to 25%


Ergonomic benefits and comfort

  • Generously dimensioned cab entry
  • Outstanding visibility of load load and aisle due to low swivelling sideshift guidance and clear-view masts
  • Cushioned, adjustable/foldable Comfort seat
  • Electrically adjustable control panel with colour display
  • Soft keys with numeric keypad
  • Switchless two-handed operating concept
  • End position/limit and transfer cushioning of all hydraulic functions


Commissioning and maintenance

  • Quick and reliable commissioning using ‘teach-in’ process
  • 1000 service hours maintenance interval
  • Transmission oil in swing bearing does not require replacement during the life of the part
  • Electronics with wear-free sensor system


Reliable operation – high availability

  • 70% fewer cables and plugs due to CAN-Bus system
  • Torsion-resistant mast for high residual capacities and reduced mast sway
  • Robust and maintenance-free three-phase AC drive systems without wearing parts


Additional equipment

  • Mechanical rail guidance
  • Wire guidance for precise control in the aisle with no mechanical stress on components
  • Radio with CD player and MP3 interface
  • Synchronised traverse
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces for material flow management systems
  • Jungheinrich ISM: Information system for truck management
  • Truck interface for accepting work plans
  • Cut-out on overhead guard


Integrated Jungheinrich personnel protection system (PPS)

  • On-site integration with the operating computer
  • Project planning, commissioning and maintenance by Jungheinrich
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