Forklift supply and servicing solutions

When you need to move a 40-foot container every hour just to keep up with production, forklift downtime is not an option.

McCain Foods in Timaru is a 24/7 operation that runs almost every day of the year. Forklifts are essential for unloading and loading trucks, trains and keeping the production line moving. With everything relying on a tight schedule, even minor hold-ups can cause major disruption down the line.

“We use South Island Forklifts for all our servicing and repairs because they’re local,” says McCain Foods Cold Store Manager Gary Jarvis. “There’s never been a time, day or night, where we couldn’t call.

Because forklifts are so important to the entire operation at McCain Foods, choosing the right service was important.

“We asked a number of companies to send us a forklift supply and servicing solution. It was important that whoever we chose to work with understood us and the challenges we face on a daily basis. No one else came close to South Island Forklifts’ proposal. Their plan showed they had thought of everything, right down to managing the batteries. Choosing South Island Forklifts was an easy decision,” says Gary.

With sales and service centres in Timaru and Christchurch, South Island Forklifts are never far away if you need regular servicing or maintenance. A regular maintenance schedule is important for picking up and fixing minor problems before they cause breakdowns.

“South Island Forklifts showed a real willingness to remove obstacles and find solutions. Our forklifts are now lighter and more efficient, plus they offered a great servicing package. South Island Forklifts really goes the extra mile for us,” says Gary.

Even with the best servicing agreement, accidents sometimes happen.

“Around 7 o’clock on Saturday, the night of an All Blacks’ test match, I got a call to say something is wrong with one of the forklifts. I quickly called South Island Forklifts and it only took 15 minutes for them to send someone over. They had the problem sorted in no time,” says Gary.

As well as maintenance and repairs, South Island Forklifts can make modifications to make your job easier.

“Our cold storage areas for frozen foods are around -24 degrees Celsius. With windchill from the fans, it can feel like -30 degrees! Our forklift drivers sitting in an open cab needed regular freezer breaks so they could safely do their jobs.”

“South Island Forklifts developed a smaller, lighter forklift with a heated cab. Out of the cold, our drivers are more productive, while a smaller forklift means better efficiency. It’s totally changed our work environment and is by far the best solution,” says Gary.

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